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Vira Jewels is not just another jewellery brand, it was an initiative taken by fashion enthusiastic girl who wanted to make a revolution in online jewellery world. We are the first brand who brings the concept of affordable prices at the best possible quality. And now hundreds of stores have been inspired from us. We have made the trendiest stuff as affordable as everybody can afford it.

It’s all about a young girl who is passionate and determined about her things.

After months of research, planning and preparation, Vira Jewels officially launched on the 6th December 2020. At that time the entire country was in lock-down. it was devastating for all of us and small business struggled more than ever. Despite this we worked our hardest continuing to find solutions and promote our business.

In May 2021 we had breakthrough with out first viral reel gaining over 8 Million views. This changed the game for us completely.

We are now a family of 150K followers over Instgram. All of which we are eternally grateful for. We hope to expand our online presence this year and continue to provide aesthetic jewelry for an affordable price.

How 'Price' is The 'Pride'?

While Shopping anything, anywhere and anytime, every buyer always intends to notice the ‘Price’ of the product.

Every girl once in her life might have dreamt of a store, where she can buy anything she wants without looking the Price Tag of the products. Like, every girl, Aayushi also had a dream of having such store. 

So in order to fulfill dreams of All girls, she came up with an idea of Vira Jewels. Aayushi then decided to build a store and brand where all girls can happily buy whatever they want, without noticing the Price tags.

Aayushi made ‘Price‘ as ‘Pride‘ of her Brand – Vira and with this dreams of all girls fulfilled. We look forward providing quality products at affordable prices with all your support. 

What is 'vira'

Story of VIRA

Every girl in India wants to be a lot more than a ‘Son’ to their parents. Likewise, Aayushi also wanted to be a proud daughter of her parents.

So, she decided to start her store by the name of her parents. 

So Vira is a combine abbreviation of name of Aayushi’s Parents.

Jhan-VIRA-kesh – This is how word ‘VIRA’ is formed by Aayushi’s mother’s name Jhanvi and her father’s name Rakesh.

Along with Jewelry, we also provide Trendiest Scrunchies at best affordable rates. We request your best support to the same – Vira Scrunchies. 
Also, we look forward to add more products in order to cater the demand.

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Shipping PAN India

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Happy Customers

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